Bovada Poker Review

With a reputation of being among the leading and most established poker rooms on the Internet, Bovada Poker ( was originally a sports betting site that eventually grew to begin offering casino games and, of course, poker tables. Despite their reputation of featuring fairly aggressive and tight play, the competition in low limit and medium limit tables is actually quite passive and soft.

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Bovada offers a sign up bonus of 110% up to $1,100 for all new players that make their introductory deposit with any of the accepted payment methods. Many players are drawn to the site not only to win money playing poker, but to win one of the prize or vacation packages that Bovada offers to all players that participate in poker play at their site.

Software Quality

Bodog PokerYou will need to download the poker software for the maximum amount of software features at Bovada but the file download time takes no more than 20 seconds on a standard Internet connection. Once the software is downloaded, you can choose to create an account and play for real money, watch any game in progress or play poker for free. You can find a free money game by using BovadaÌs Quick Seat option and you will be randomly assigned to a table at your chosen game type and limits.

Once you have downloaded the software from Bovada Poker, you will be taken to a table selection screen where you can choose your table limit, game type (Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud) and view the average flop percentage, average pot, stakes, players at the table and the wait time to get a seat. Once you have decided which table is best for you, you can either double click it or click on it once to highlight the table and click on Join Table or Join Wait List to secure your seat or seat position.

Each table has separate areas where each player sits. Beside each players picture is the amount of money they have at the table and their nickname that they used to create their account. The table view is default as overhead and, unless you are well versed in chip color as it relates to the amount of each wager, you will rely mainly on the accompanying monetary amount listed beside each chip wager.

When it is your turn to make a betting decision, a "spot light" will appear over your playing position. In addition, the bar that denotes how much time that you have to make a decision will begin to deplete, first green to mark that you have almost your full time bank, then yellow and finally red.

Traffic Levels

Based on site traffic, Bovada Poker is typically ranked in the top 10 to 15 poker rooms. Peak hours are based on Pacific Time and normally occur around 7 p.m. During this peak site traffic period, there are an average of 4,400 players logged in to the site. As with most poker rooms, finding a Texas Holdem game will not be an issue.

However, Omaha and Stud enthusiasts might be better suited to log into the web site during peak hours to be sure that they can find a game immediately. Most of the site traffic tends not to stray very far from the low limit games ($0.02/0.05) and tournament play but rings games are typically populated to allow play with zero to one player wait times.

Player Competition

As with many poker sites, the player competition is usually regarded as soft until the limits reach around $2.00/$4.00 (No-Limit). Following this point, the competition begins to get a little harder and the professionals begin to become a consideration. Bovada has a reputation of having low to medium tournament turnouts.

For this reason, the player to pay out ratio begins to increase with many of the structured medium tournaments at Bovada Poker. The flop percentage in low stakes games is around 70% to 80% at most tables meaning that the majority of players in each hand stay in the round to see a flop. In most cases, this can mean that much of the play at Bovada is fairly loose at the lower to medium stakes tables.

Sign-up Bonuses

Bovada offers an introductory deposit bonus of 110% up to a maximum of $1,100 for all new players. To clear the bonus players have to earn Bovada Poker Points, which are earned by playing real money ring games, sit and gos, or tournaments.

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In addition, Bovada offers a $100 Refer a Friend bonus to all players that convince other players to create an account at their web site. $100,000 tournaments occur every Sunday that are open to all members of Bovada Poker. Satellite entries often require a buy in of $1.00 for a straight money starting amount but there are more satellite tournaments that require a larger buy in amount, especially for larger online or international poker tournaments.

Rewards Program

The rewards program at Bovada relies mainly on accumulating Bovada Poker Points that can be converted into cash bonuses or used for tournament buy-ins. By signing up for an account at Bovada, you are automatically credited with 50 points before you play your first game of real money poker. The amount of points that you accumulate depends on the amount of rake that you pay during a regular ring game, the amount of money that you pay to enter a tournament and the amount of time that you spend playing at the web site.

You earn 1/10 of a point when the rake taken from each hand amounts to $0.05 to $0.20. This amount increases depending on the amount of rake taken from respective hands. For every $1.00 that you pay to enter a tournament, you receive a Bovada Poker Point.

Finally, a point is applied to your account for every hour that you spend playing at Bovada. Each 100 points can be turned in to receive $1.00 in bonus funds. You can also use your Bovada points to buy into poker freerolls. By earning more than 2,000 points in a single month, you will receive double your points as a bonus offer.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

According to Bovada PokerÌs marketing campaign, they have been in operation for ten years without missing a single payout. The reputation of the casino supports this unofficial slogan as there have been no reports of payouts being refused or underpaid. One of the aspects of BovadaÌs acceptable payment methods is that it depends entirely on the region from which you are playing. For the most part, the following payment methods are acceptable from around the world:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Click2Pay
  • Moneybookers
  • Neteller
  • Electronic Money Transfer
  • Speed Card

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