Omaha Strategy Guide

In Omaha Poker, there can be two winners, one with the best/high hand and then the player with the lowest hand. Even though there is always a player with a high hand, there is not always a low hand winner. A hand has to have denominations of less than eight in order to qualify as a winning low hand.

An important aspect is to remember that flushes and straights don't necessarily mean that a hand should be called low. This is, if a player ends with 5, 4, 3, 2, A then he/she has an unbeatable hand and would also be a high five straight. If a player gets such a hand, they would win and receive both shares of the pot for high and low.

Winning the full pot gives a player a lot more chips to play with wheres winning half does not make too much difference. Winning the whole pot, or "scooping", means that a player can time and again raise the stakes when the time comes. Seasoned Omaha poker players focus on scooping as they know winning half the pot does not leave them with much.