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How do I know my money is safe at online poker rooms?

Well, in short, you don't. No one can ever give you a 100% guarantee of anything in life, unless it's death or taxes. However, I can tell you that I have played at multiple online poker rooms over the past few years and never had a problem getting my money out.

The only players who have ever had a problem getting their money are the ones who try out new poker sites that end up being fly by night operations. To ensure your money is safe, stick to the bigger poker sites like Full Tilt and Ultimate Bet.

Are the cards really dealt randomly?

Yes. Poker sites use Random Number Generators to determine the cards that are dealt, because they don't have the luxury of having live dealers. All of the poker rooms listed on our site are routinely tested by certification boards who ensure that the Random Number Generators are functioning properly.

What if I get disconnected from the poker room?

If you lose your Internet connection, the poker software will dip into your Time Bank to afford you some extra time to get reconnected. Time Banks at cash games are usually one minute long, and Time Banks in big tournaments are often two or more minutes long.

If you exhaust your entire time bank, you may or may not receive "All-In Protection". Some poker sites offer the protection, while others don't. If the poker site does offer "All-In Protection", your hand will be treated as all-in and will compete for the main pot, while other players continue playing for the main pot and any side pots that are built.

If the poker site doesn't offer All-In Protection you will lose the hand and forfeit your money, unfortunately. By the way, your Time Bank regenerates over time, so if you exhaust it early in the day, it should be refilled by the end of the day.

What if I forget my poker username or password?

Poker rooms use different methods for username/password retrieval, but most sites have an automated process where you can request that your username be sent to your registered email, or request a new password be sent to your registered email.

If that doesn't work, contact the poker room's support team and they will clear it up.

Why do I always have to update my poker software?

Every week or so most poker rooms release software updates, which you are required to download if you wish to play. The reason for this is to keep security tight and improve the poker room's usability. Although the updates may seem very frequent, they really aren't when you consider they are keeping your money safe and games fun.

Why has my poker chat been banned?

We suspect you know the answer to that. The only reason to receive a chat ban is if you have been harrassing other players, swearing in the chat box, or speaking in a non-English language at an English poker room.

All three of the violations above will lead to a temporary chat ban, and if you are a multiple offender you may even receive a permanent chat ban.

How do I get more poker play money?

Most poker rooms allow you three reloads of play money per hour. If you haven't used all three reloads, go to the poker room's lobby and click "Get More Play Money". The play money will instantly show up in your account.

If you have already used your three hourly withdrawals, you will have to wait an hour to get more play money chips.

What if someone hacks into my poker account?

If you suspect someone has hacked into your account, or someone is on your account right now, contact the poker room's support team IMMEDIATELY. If the hacker transfers or loses money there is a decent chance you will never see it again, so make sure to contact support ASAP and tell them to freeze your account while they sort it out.

Why can't I play with my bonus money after I deposit?

Almost every poker site makes you "clear" your bonus before you can wager or withdraw the bonus money. To clear the bonus you have to play real money poker with your deposit money until the bonus has been released. At that point, you can wager or withdraw the bonus money as you please. Learn more about poker bonuses.

How long for a poker room's email support to respond?

Most poker room's support teams will reply to emails within the hour. Some of the worse teams take up to a day to respond, but anything beyond that is pretty rare.

How long for a check withdrawal to reach my house?

Most poker sites get check withdrawals to your door within two weeks, but the better sites get the check there within a few business days.

Are poker deposits really instant?

Depends. If you deposit via credit or debit card and the transaction goes through, it will be instant. However, if you deposit via eWallet and choose to use any method besides an instant transfer, the deposit may take a day or two.

If you have suggestions for more frequently asked questions that we could answer, please send us an email and we'll get right on it.

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